Fresh Produce

$0.59 per banana (approx.) $2.99 per kg
Fruit Fly Free
$1.99 Per Broccoli piece (approx.) $4.99 per kg
Nicol Carrots Pre-Packed 1kg
Fruit Fly Free
$2.99 each
$1.49 each
Fruit Fly Free
was $5.99 per kg $0.71 per zucchini (approx.) $3.99 per kg
Capsicums Red
$2.99 per capsicum (approx.) $9.99 per kg
Cucumber Continental
Fruit Fly Free
$1.99 each
Apples Pink Lady
$5.99 per kg
Onions Brown Loose
Fruit Fly Free
$0.44 per onion (approx.) $2.49 per kg
Potatoes Sweet
$1.55 per potatoe (approx.) $2.99 per kg
Strawberries 250gm
$2.69 each
Fruit Fly Free
$2.89 each
Cucumber Lebanese
Fruit Fly Free
$1.19 per cucumber (approx.) $7.99 per kg
Tomatoes Truss
$2.39 per tomatoe (approx.) $11.99 per kg
R Fresh Baby Spinach 100gm
Fruit Fly Free
was $2.99 $1.99 each $2.49 per 100g
Mushrooms Med White Button
Fruit Fly Free
$11.99 per kg
Onions Brown 1kg
Fruit Fly Free
was $1.99 $1.29 each $1.99 each
Potatoes Washed 5kg
$5.99 each
Cauliflower Whole
$2.89 each
Pumpkin Butternut
Fruit Fly Free
$3.99 per kg
$1.11 each mandarin (approx.) $7.99 per kg
Tomatoes 1st Stem
$1.99 per tomatoe (approx.) $9.99 per kg
Onions Red
Fruit Fly Free
$0.71 per onion (approx.) $3.99 per kg
Onions Spring Bunch
Fruit Fly Free
$2.49 each
Beans Stringless
Fruit Fly Free
$14.99 per kg
Pears Green
$1.39 per pear (approx.) $6.99 per kg
Cauliflower Half
$1.99 each
Carrots Loose
Fruit Fly Free
$0.59 per carrot (approx.) $3.99 per kg
Blueberries 125gm Punnet
was $3.49 $2.99 each $3.49 each
Tomatoes Roma Loose
$0.95 per tomatoe (approx.) $11.99 per kg
Apples Royal Gala
$0.89 per apple (approx.) $5.99 per kg
Watermelon Seedless 2kg
Fruit Fly Free
$4.98 each (approx.) $2.49 per kg
Apples Pink Lady Tub 1kg
$6.99 each $6.99 per kg
Pumpkin Jap
Fruit Fly Free
$1.99 per kg
Potatoes Premium White 2.​5kg
Fruit Fly Free
$3.99 each $1.60 per kg
$1.24 per garlic (approx.) $24.99 per kg
Clare Free Range Large Eggs 600g
$4.99 each $0.83 per 100g
Kiwi Fruit
$0.69 each
Celery Half
Fruit Fly Free
was $1.99 $1.79 each $1.99 each
$0.99 per lemon (approx.) $4.99 per kg
Sweetcorn Loose
Fruit Fly Free
$1.99 each
Nature's Delight Corn Chips Round 500gm
was $6.59 $4.99 each $1.32 per 100g
$2.99 each
Bok-Choy Bunch
Fruit Fly Free
$2.49 each
Grapes White Seedless
$17.99 per kg
Rainbow Fresh Sweet Mix 120g
was $2.99 $1.99 each $2.49 per 100g
Barossa Fresh Coriander 60g
$2.49 each $0.42 per 10g
Baby Broccoli Bunch
Fruit Fly Free
$2.99 each
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Attention Riverland Customers - Fruit Fly Update

Dear Riverland Customers,

As i'm sure you are aware by now the 'bring a receipt' rule is no longer recognised when travelling into the Riverland. 

The current Fruit Fly situation in South Australia has resulted in restrictions being placed to limit the movement of fruit and vegetables.

We have been working with PIRSA to obtain certification so that we can continue delivering fresh fruit and vegetables to you during this time, we are very pleased to advised that our certification has now been finalised and we can continue to deliver our produce to you.

To ensure that the produce we deliver to you is certified the cut off time for you to place your order has changed to 7am on Tuesday mornings for a Wednesday delivery, unfortunately no additional fruit or vegetable items can be added to your order after this time as we obtain the appropriate paper work to transport your fruit and vegetables to you.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries.

Happy Shopping,

The Barossa Fresh Online Team