Specialty Cheese

W/​V Swt Chil Crm Cheese 110g
$3.49 each $3.17 per 100g
W/​V Triple Cream Brie 180g
$9.99 each $5.00 per 100g
Walnut Layer Cheese
$59.99 per kg
Warnambool Heritage Lightly Smoked Club Cheddar 200gm
$8.00 each $40.00 per kg
Warnambool Heritage Maple & Toffee Club Cheddar 200gm
$8.00 each $40.00 per kg
Warnambool Heritage Red Bell Pepper Club Cheddar 200gm
$8.00 each $40.00 per kg
Warrnambool Extra Tasty Cheese 250gm
was $7.71 $5.60 each $30.84 per kg
Wasa Delikatess Crispbread 270g
$3.99 each $1.48 per 100g
Wasa Original Crispbread 275g
$3.99 each $1.45 per 100g
Wasa Sesame Crispbread 200g
$3.99 each $2.00 per 100g
Wattle Valley Cheese Camembert 200gm
$9.99 each $5.00 per 100g
Wattle Valley Double Brie 200gm
$9.99 each $5.00 per 100g
Wattle Valley Haloumi 180g
$6.99 each $3.88 per 100g
Wattle Valley Marscapone Tub 250g
$6.59 each $26.36 per kg
Wensleydale Cheese Blueberry
$64.99 per kg
Wensleydale Cheese Cranberry
$64.99 per kg
Westzaner Edam Slices 160g
$4.99 each $3.12 per 100g
Westzaner Goat Cheese
$29.99 per kg
Will Stud Brillat Savarin 200g
$24.99 each $12.50 per 100g
Will Studd Aphrodite Fetta 250g
$12.99 each $5.20 per 100g
Will Studd Le Duc Grand Vacherin
$98.99 per kg
Will Studd Organic Feta 200g
$10.99 each $5.50 per 100g
Wingaard Goat
$74.99 per kg
Woodside Capricorn 110g
$8.99 each $8.17 per 100g
Woodside Edith 150g
$14.95 each $9.97 per 100g
Woodside Fibonacci 100g
$17.99 each $17.99 per 100g
Woodside Goat Curd 200g
$10.99 each $5.50 per 100g
Woodside Goat Curd 200g
$12.49 each $6.25 per 100g
Woodside Goat Milk Feta 150g
$12.99 each $8.66 per 100g
Woodside Gohtr 150g
$12.99 each $8.66 per 100g
Woodside Heart Monet 120gm
$22.99 each $19.16 per 100g
Woodside Lmn Myrtle Chevre150g
$12.99 each $8.66 per 100g
Woodside Mclaren Camembert 230g
$12.99 each $5.65 per 100g
Woodside Patrice 180g
$12.99 each $7.22 per 100g
Woodside Swag Ashed Goat 150g
$9.99 each $6.66 per 100g
Woombye Camembert
$66.99 per kg
Woombye Chs Brie Truffle 150gm
$14.99 each $99.93 per kg
Wykes Smoked Cheddar
$54.99 per kg
Xavier David Comte 18 Month
$91.99 per kg
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Attention Riverland Customers - Fruit Fly Update

Dear Riverland Customers,

As i'm sure you are aware by now the 'bring a receipt' rule is no longer recognised when travelling into the Riverland. 

The current Fruit Fly situation in South Australia has resulted in restrictions being placed to limit the movement of fruit and vegetables.

We have been working with PIRSA to obtain certification so that we can continue delivering fresh fruit and vegetables to you during this time, we are very pleased to advised that our certification has now been finalised and we can continue to deliver our produce to you.

To ensure that the produce we deliver to you is certified the cut off time for you to place your order has changed to 7am on Tuesday mornings for a Wednesday delivery, unfortunately no additional fruit or vegetable items can be added to your order after this time as we obtain the appropriate paper work to transport your fruit and vegetables to you.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries.

Happy Shopping,

The Barossa Fresh Online Team